Log Jam Removal 2013

Pigeon Creek Logjam Cleared

A logjam on Pigeon Creek adjacent to Charlie Wagner’s farm, in the eastern most parts of Vanderburgh County, was finally cleared this past month. The creek was totally obstructed at this location, to the point it began doing what creeks do…finding another path around the jam. This was causing a large cut to form, and stream bank erosion to occur. It is estimated that approximately 30 feet of bank had already washed out, and headed downstream to end up eventually in the Ohio.
The jam began during the ice storm in 2009, and had grown to some 300 feet long by the time the SWCD was informed of this problem in early 2012. The County has no funding mechanism for creek maintenance and it was difficult to find any money to take care of this. Fortunately, the state started a logjam specific grant fund this same year known as the Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) grant administered by the state DNR.
Once the SWCD applied for the grant, using the County as the sponsoring agency, it was a matter of only five months before the jam was removed by a local contractor who put in the winning bid. Henry Bigge Excavating did the work this last month leaving behind a pristine creek with no obstructions…and a large pile of logs and other debris on the upper field. He also seeded the disturbed area and mulched it according to DNR standards. At its worst, the jam was 600 feet long and six feet high and getting bigger all the time. Thanks to the grant there will be a celebratory bon fire whenever the pile dries out!

Here is a link to an article the Courier & Press published:Article by Courier & Press