Soils Judging Contest 2014

Area Students Participate in Soils Contest

About 50 students competed recently in the Tri-County Soils Judging Contest held recently in a pasture field maintained by Beuligman Brothers on Highway 68, Poseyville. Students from North Posey, Mt. Vernon, Gibson Southern and Castle High Schools and also Gibson County 4-H participated in the contest. This is Castle’s first year in our contest and we would like to welcome them!

In the contest, students test their knowledge of the area soils. Four soil pit holes are dug and questions are answered on the soil profile at each site. There are two sites designated as home-sites where the students determine if it would be a good site to build a house. The other two holes have questions related to agricultural sites.

Contest winners are determined by the sum of the top four individual scores from each school. Gibson Southern took the honors this year with a score of 1509; Second place was North Posey with 1364 and Mt. Vernon was Third place with a score of 1201. Top four scores from North Posey were held by Kari Hoenert, Zach Goebel, Olivea Glaser and Matt Seib. Mt. Vernon’s top four scores were from Zach Allyn, Moriah Seifert, Jacob Crissup and Brianna Ritzert.

We would like to thank all of our volunteers for their work during the soils contest! This event is planned and sponsored by the Posey, Gibson and Vanderburgh SWCDs and rotates through the counties each year. Vanderburgh County will host the 2015 contest.

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